En el marco del XXVII Congreso de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Aplicaciones/XVII Congreso de Matemática Aplicada (CEDYA/CMA), que tendrá lugar en Zaragoza del 18 al 22 de julio de 2022, tenemos que destacar, además de las muchas presentaciones de los miembros de math-in, lo que muestra el interés despertado por este evento entre nuestros socios, los siguientes minisimposiums organizados desde math-in:

  • MS10: Success Stories between Academia and Industry at CITMAga
    • Lunes 18 Julio, 17:30-19:30:
      • Gómez, Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation in SisAl project, an innovative pilot for silicon production.
      • Martín, Optimization of an industrial paper air-drying line using a reduced model derived from CFD.
      • Rodríguez, Optimal biddings for a renewable energy production plant with a storage system.
      • Recondo, Computation of resonances in underwater acoustics using Perfectly Matched Layers.
    • Jueves 21 de Julio, 17:30-19:30:
      • Cremades, Physically based reduced order battery models including heterogenous degradation for real-time control applications.
      • Morelli, Real-time monitoring of molds for the continuous casting of steel.
      • Shabani, Modelling, numerical simulation and optimal control problems related to regasification plants.
      • Salgado, Thermo-electromagnetic-mechanical simulation of an electric upsetting process in automotive industry based on Lagrangian formulations.
  • MS15 Industrial Mathematics at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
    •  Martes 19 de Julio, 17:30-19:30:
      • G. Myers, Developing mathematical models for industrial adsorption columns.
      • Baró, Modeling of scale-free marked point processes for hazard assessment.
      • Sardanyés, How noise shapes transients and scaling laws close to local and global bifurcations.
      • Alarcón, In silico assessment on targeted combination therapies: Bivalent chromatin as a case study.
  • MS17 Mathematics in Industry and Organizations
    • Jueves 21 de Julio, 9:30-11:00:
      • Buoncompagni, Supervised classification with noisy labels for banking applications.
      • Aràndiga, Classification of the quality of recycled plastics.
      • Baeza, Data fitting in a portable post-harvest system. Removal of attached ink in plastic.
    • Jueves 21 de Julio, 11:30-13:30:
      • M. Camacho, Machine learning techniques for marketing using social login data.
      • Mo, Mesoscopic modelling and simulation of espresso extraction.
      • Gorria, Optimal management of a routing protocol in a call center for staff dimensioning.
      • Sánchez-Linares, Numerical simulations for tsunami preparedness risk assessment in Andalusian coast.

Más información: https://cedya2022.es

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