Math-in‘s offer in the consulting area allows projects to be tackled in which a strong customization of the solution and its adaptation to the particularities of the company are required. Since we have highly specialized research groups, math-in also supports projects that require the development of new mathematical technology.

The objectives and milestones of each contract are defined jointly between the company and the researchers, adjusting to the stated needs. For this reason, both during the specification stage of the problem and during the development of the solution, close collaboration is maintained with the company.

The team assigned to the project is selected from among the groups of the math-in network that are experts in advising companies. The selection is made fundamentally based on the nature of the problem posed, the mathematical technology to be used and the experience in similar problems. The researchers belonging to the math-in network allow a high level of specialization to tackle very varied problems, raised from practically all industrial sectors, with a guarantee of success.

During the execution of the consulting project, a rigorous management of the project is carried out in order to adjust to the specifications, planning and agreed deadlines. Additionally, the network provides a quality control service independent of project execution to provide full customer satisfaction.

The consulting projects carried out in multiple sectors and the clients who have already carried out consulting actions with us represent a guarantee for the companies that decide to trust math-in.

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