Collaboration in R+D+i projects is essential to generate a solid and highly competitive business fabric. These collaborative projects favor activities aimed at developing new technologies of interest to the company or addressing significant improvements to existing ones, always focusing on innovation in the near future. Math-in also offers personalized advice on the processes of your company that can be improved with the use of mathematical technology.

From math-in, it has collaborated in more than 50 collaborative experiences with companies, having successfully participated in a large number of national (CENIT, CDTI, PROFIT, PETRI,…) and international calls. More than 150 clients who have already carried out collaboration projects with us endorse us.

The math-in offer in collaborative projects includes a wide range of innovation-oriented research activities that we develop in cooperation with a group of companies and entities on an equal footing. The math-in network can participate either as one more partner, or as a collaborator in the development of the project.

These collaborative projects often have to compete with others within a line of aid or encouragement, so it is key to design a robust project in terms of the participating partners and the activities to be carried out. Math-in helps you in your design increasing your chances of success and, more importantly, the technological benefits of your company.

Search for calls

Math-in guides you in the search for public or private calls for help and encouragement that best suit the needs of each project and each client.

Drafting of the project

Starting from a close dialogue with the company and counting on the resources and knowledge of the research groups, math-in helps in the design and elaboration of the competitive project.

Collaborative participation

The math-in network itself provides a research team that participates as a collaborating partner together with the company.

Search for other partners in international projects

Thanks to its network of contacts, math-in offers the possibility of selecting partners from other countries that are suitable to intervene in international projects.

Collaborative project experiences

  • Collaboration in the design and development of the project: Comparative analysis of some modal reconstruction methods of the shape of the cornea from the corneal elevation data.
  • Selection of international partners in the project: A new efficient method of corneal reconstruction as an alternative to zernike polynomials fit.
  • Search for a call for the project: New Technologies Applied to Research in High Performance Sports. TARAR 2007.
  • Participation as a partner in the project: Non-parametric inference with applications in genetics.
  • Collaboration in the drafting of the project: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Forest Fire Propagation.

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