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Simulate, predict or study the behavior of products or processes to obtain substantial improvements in costs, deadlines, and, in general, in the control of research, development and innovation processes.

QA; optimization of stocks or production processes; analysis of risks or financial products; customer analysis and market or product research; exploitation of internal information (data mining, business intelligence); design of experiments; clinical tests.

Improve the analysis of customers, markets, products, quality, planning, risks, logistics, allocation and optimization of resources and processes, etc.

Geographic location, image or signal processing, geometry, design or visualization, bioinformatics, biomathematics, search and coding of information or computation.

ingenieria matematicas

Give your team all the power of mathematics

Mathematics is present in all areas of engineering. Making optimal use of them facilitates work and improves results.

Process improvement
Reduction of costs and consumption
Improvements in manufactured products
Simulation and prediction capacity
Detection of new opportunities

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