The math-in network offers all business sectors and Administrations a wide variety of technological solutions based on the application of Mathematics. The offer made from math-in is grouped into three large areas:

Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE)

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) uses the results obtained in computer-aided design (for example, the design of parts, plans, images or graphics) and in computer calculation programs to simulate, predict or study the behavior of products or processes (for example, for thermal studies, mechanical stress, manufacturing processes, etc.) thus obtaining substantial improvements in costs, deadlines, and, in general, in the control of research, development and innovation processes.

Computer-assisted engineering is applied to all kinds of phenomena: mechanical or structural, thermal or thermodynamic, manufacturing processes (injection, stamping, forging,…), electronic and/or electromagnetic, fluids (gases and liquids), acoustics or vibroacoustic, environmental, in multiphysics, etc.

In the CAD/CAE field, math-in covers all the needs of the company related to information or advice on its possible applicability, the selection, initial implementation and validation of tools to be used, training, definition or calculation of the processes to improve, custom software development or interfaces between different programs, etc.

Statistical, data analysis or decision support techniques

These mathematical techniques include different methods used, for example, to improve the analysis of customers, markets, products, quality, planning, risks, logistics, allocation and optimization of resources and processes, etc.

These methods cover business needs in various areas: quality control; control and optimization of stocks or production processes; analysis of risks or financial products; in strategy, decision, logistics and business planning; customer analysis and market or product research; exploitation of internal information (data mining, business intelligence); design of experiments; clinical tests; etc.

Other mathematical techniques

Various mathematical techniques allow its application in topics such as geographic location; the processing of images or signals; geometry, design or visualization; bioinformatics or biomathematics; the search and encoding of information or computation.

The applications of this type of techniques provide solutions in various areas: the treatment of digital images (graphics, video, animation, image recognition); geometric analysis (computational geometry, visualization, CAD development, symbolic methods); digital signal processing; design of geographic location systems such as GIS or GPS; communications networks; information encryption, cryptography, and computer security; computing, computer algebra; language processors; symbolic-numeric algorithms; treatment and search for information and knowledge (semantic web, algorithms for the internet); bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, biomathematics (applications in life and health sciences, such as diagnostic techniques, medical prescription, drug administration, growth and spread of diseases, pest control, systems biology); etc.

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