This European Study Groups with Industry will contribute to enhance the transfer of the mathematical knowledge to industry. The main objectives are:

  • to promote of Industrial Mathematics, looking actively for new research and development projects, in which mathematics are playing an important
  • to enhance collaborative of R&D between mathematics research groups and companies, solving problems that can be treated with mathematical, statistical or computational
  • to found solutions and insights into existing industrial
  • to established lasting and productive working links between research industrial mathematicians and industry.
  • to propose new lines of research based on business challenges.
  • to reinforce the importance of mathematics in industry and mathematical profiles
  • to stimulated greater awareness in the wider community of the power of mathematics in providing solution paths to real-world problems.

To these ends, this ESGI actively seek industrial problems that can be treated with mathematical methods in the areas of applied mathematics, statistics or operational research.

This ESGI will hold as collaboration between Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in) and the Spanish Platform for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED)