Industrial Problems

This ESGI is a forum to work together industrial technologists and mathematical researchers on issues of interest for the industry. The purpose of this ESGI is to invite companies or institutions to submit industrial problems that can be treated with mathematical technology in the field of applied mathematics, statistics and operational research.

For this edition the industrial problems to work with are yet to be defined and come from companies that already have prior contact with the organizers because they    have been participating in collaborative research projects, in MSO-ED working groups, as well as other technology transfer activities such as industrial workshops.

Three problems to solve during the ESGI will be considered. In this edition, the objective is that all the problems focus on the field of Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing, this being one of the European challenges on which the PET MSO-ED Platform focuses its works.

Two of the proposed problems are linked to the management of the hospital in order to improve its digital strategy and the third one is connected to an optimization problem in a surgical procedure. More specifically, on management problems the intention is to design an algorithm that, based on a series of clinical data referred by the primary care physician in the digitized history sheet, automatically executes the prioritization of patients and their citation based on clinically established criteria. In the third one, we propose the development of an algorithm for automatic segmentation and guidance of cryoablation intervention for desmoid tumors.

Industrial Partners:

Problems 1) and 2) are proposed by the Hospital of San Juan de Dios Aljarafe (Seville, Spain), while Problem 3) is proposed by the University Hospital of Son Espases (Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain).