Optimum sample sizes for reflectivity sampling in solar field.

Academic Coordinator | 

  • Javier Martínez Torres. Associate Professor at International University of La Rioja (UNIR)
  • Javier Roca Pardiñas. Associate Professor at UVigo and affiliated researcher of ITMATI.

Business Coordinator | Alejandro Parra Martín. R & D Project Manager.

Description |The goal is to find out the average reflectivity of the mirrors of a solar field with a P precision (normally of 95%) and a e/μ  relative error (normally of around 0.1%).

The field is composed of several sections, in each of which there is a Nj number of mirrors, for which the μj average reflectivity and the σj dispersion are known.

Scope | The main objective is to figure out the minimum number of mirrors (mj) to be sampled from each of the mentioned sections so that the number of total samples (m) is the minimum possible.