Modelling of a continuous casting machine

Academic Coordinator | Elena Martín Ortega. Associate professor at Universidad de Vigo and affilitated researcher of ITMATI.

Business Coordinator | José Miguel Caamaño Castro. Engineering and R & D Department at Estaños y Soldaduras Senra S.L.U.

Description | Modelling of a continuous casting machine for the cooling and conforming in cylinders of tin-based alloys. It is a multi-physical problem, with two states of the material, solid and liquid, coexisting in the same space. Two situations should be studied in the transitory regime, the initial filling of the machine with molten metal and then the drag produced in the molten material as a consequence of the extraction of a part of the solidified metal.

Scope | The main purpose is to determinate the optimal operating parameters in which the solidification occurs without trapping air bubbles inside the cylinders.