Business Coordinators

Ángel Rivero Jiménez

Senior Scientist at Repsol Technology Center

Angel Rivero is Senior Scientist in Repsol specialized in development of tools for multiphase flow numerical simulations. He is Aeronautical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Chemical Engineering Doctor from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili from Tarragona (2000). After a year of postdoctoral research in the multiphase flow laboratory of the University of Maryland he works for two years in Airbus Military (EADS) where he supervises aerodynamic tunnel testing campaigns of the motorized A400M. Ángel developed the next 8 years in applied research and consulting in fluid mechanics numerical simulation mainly in chemical, O&G and aeronautical problems, at SIMPPLE, of which he is cofounder. At present Angel develops in Repsol physically consistent methods for the simulation of multicomponent, multiphase flows in systems that incorporate multiscale, porous complex geometry and phase transitions.

Anxo David Feijoo Lorenzo

General and Technical Management at Ecomanagement Technology

Anxo Feijoo is Industrial Engineer from the University of Vigo specialized in automation and electronics. He has experience in consulting and technology for the financial sector, and has participated in several international projects from 2007 to 2010 of developing methodologies supported in offshore equipment for information management applications. Since 2010 he has been working with remote control systems in ECOMT, in the definition and development of remote management and automation solutions. Since 2011 he is the general director of ECOMT. He has the EVO CMVP certification for the implementation of Measurement and Verification projects in energy efficiency. He has participated in Smart City projects and training in several countries in Europe and others like China, Japan and Mexico. He has participated in several papers and forums (Green energy ports in Vigo 2017, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Paradigms in a Data rich Environment of Maths-in in the French embassy of Berlin in 2018 …) focused mainly on the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and new industrial environments with large amounts of information. He is the CTO of Godenigma, which is a spinoff of ECOMT dedicated to the development of products based on Blockchain technology.

Laura Vázquez Pardo

Innovation Manager at Grupo Gestán

Laura Vázquez, Civil Engineer and MBA, leads her professional career towards innovation and Industry 4.0. After working one year in marketing for the largest brewery in Galicia, she shifted to the biofuel sector, developing his professional career in Biomasa Forestal since 2016. As an assistant to the Plant Manager, she coordinated, among others, the Acceleration and Innovation Plan and the Transformation Plan for Industry 4.0. She is currently the Innovation Manager at Grupo Gestán.

Miguel Fanjul Cuesta

R&D engineer in Global R&D ArcelorMittal

Miguel Fanjul, graduated in Mining Technologies Engineering in the University of Oviedo and currently studying Master in Mining Engineering, has been always linked to R&D activities in ArcelorMittal. His adventure in this company began in 2014, with projects related to operational simulations of the raw materials movements. For the last two years, he is involved in projects related to Blast Furnaces, giving support to all the ArcelorMittal Blast Furnaces around the world.