Cargando Eventos

This event will take place in the next 01.July.2022 from 10:00-12:00 CEST via the link  (open to all researchers from our NN)

The Agenda for the workshop is as follows:
1.Status report and analysis of the ongoing actions
   a.Destination Earth – contracting, work plan (work to be started in Sept 2022)
   b.Open Desk operations
   c.NNs propositions
2.Next actions
   a.EU-MATHS-IN joint proposals in Horizon Europe and related work programmes
     i.EuroHPC open call: New algorithms for applications on European exascale supercomputers (deadline: 27 October 2022).
     ii.Set up an expert team from NNs for finding suitable calls for EU-MATHS-IN members
   b.MSODE Research Infrastructure definition and implementation
     i.Preparation of a new proposal submission according to the EU roadmap (e.g. EU-event in Oct 2022)
3.Collaboration with technology platforms and JUs
4.Events planning: Minisymposia at SIAM CSE23, ECMI 2023