Master in Mathematics of Finance

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The MMIF objective is to create specialists able to develop new financial products, according to the current needs. We want that students are able to understand and discuss the assumptions and limitations of existing models. The Master is designed for talented young mathematician, whether their training comes from degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics, and Engineering or equivalent degrees. The specialists we are forming today have a wide acceptation in the workplace. More than 100 students who have completed MMIF, work nowadays in the Catalan financial system.

The collaborating companies that give us support through grants for work experience, provide the necessary component of practical learning. We are able to establish a direct line of collaboration between the academic and professional worlds, allowing us to develop and teach the latest techniques in valuation of financial derivatives, the calculation of its hedging strategies and risk assessment and control.


The Master is aimed at:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Engineers or similar qualifications.

Is not necessary to have previous

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Financial consulting
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial Markets

Overcome the academic part, students can start internships in a financial institution, after passing an interview. These practices are preferably carried on in one of the companies that have a collaboration agreement with UAB. In special cases, the practices can be validated.

  • Dr. Àngel Calsina, Coordinator.

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