Workshop: Future and Emerging Mathematical Technologies in Europe.

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From 11 to 15 December, the Future and Emerging Mathematical Technologies in Europe workshop will be held in the Lorentz Center (Holland).

The main objective of the workshop is to present success stories and share both previous experiences and best practices for the organization of research projects in collaboration with the industry, as well as to discuss and generate ideas about future joint activities.

Organized in a four-day program and made up of the contributions of more than thirty scientists from all over Europe, Carlos Parés, a member of math-in and a professor at the University of Málaga had a contribution through the conference HySEA: a numerical tool for simulating geophysical flows, and Peregrina Quintela, professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela and also a member of math-in, who will present Numerical Simulation of some Thermo-Hydrodynamic Problems arising in a Blast Furnace Runner on December 12.

Likewise and during the day dedicated to Challenges and Opportunities on December 13, José Francisco Rodriguez Calo, Head of the Advanced Mathematics Department of the partner company of math-in Repsol will present his paper Mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization at an integrated energy company. Other large and international companies such as Siemens (Germany), Shell (Holland) and Michelin (France) will also participate in it.

During the week in which the event takes place, the Council Meeting of EU-MATHS-IN (European Network for Mathematics, Industry and Innovation) will also be held, in which Carlos Parés will participate as a representative of math-in and Peregrina Quintela as a member of the Council Board.