Technology meetings

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Math-in organizes and participates in a wide range of technology meetings as a very powerful tool to increase knowledge, seek innovative solutions to difficult problems and open door to new collaboration between bodies, usually between companies and universities.

math-in services include both the direct participation of its researchers and the search for other external researchers specialized in the field of interest. They also include all organizational and logistical aspects.

The most common types of meetings are the following: 

Short meetings

They are carried out in short periods of time with the aims of presenting technological advances or demands in a particular area and providing a communication channel between researchers and company technicians. These meetings approach a wide range of issues, both general or specific, which determine how the meeting is held: as a forum or as a workshop.

Consultation days/modelling week

At these meetings a team of specialists is placed at the disposal of every participating company in order to deal with a particular problem. These meetings, which usually last between 3 to 5 days, try to come up with solutions and activities to be developed, and to design action plans to solve every problem.


Organizing conventions/conferences/meetings includes both the selection and direct participation of the network's researchers presenting papers and searching and recruiting external speakers and specialists. It also includes presenting the complete event or specific sessions.

Tailored meetings

math-in organizes tailored meetings according to the interests and objectives of your company in each of the above-mentioned types.

Examples of technology meetings

  • Desafíos Matemáticos y Computacionales en la Investigación Biomédica. Encuentro Interdisciplinar.
  • Reconstrucción adaptativa de la topografía corneal a partir de los datos altimétricos. Encuentro.
  • Numerical Electromagnetics and Industrial Applications (NELIA 2011). Workshop.
  • Inferencia no Paramétrica con aplicaciones en la genética. Seminario.
  • Aplicaciones matemáticas en el conocimiento de la visión humana. Jornada.
  • IV Jornadas de Consulta Matemática para Empresas e Instituciones. Jornadas de Consulta.
  • I Foro Matemática-Industria de Canarias. Foro.