Technology-based firms (NTBF)

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As a result of the efforts made by the math-in network groups, independent business initiatives have arisen with the aim of commercially exploiting the practical results of research. Since these new companies have derived from the research groups and share with them the experience of knowledge in the research field, we believe it to be appropriate to include them in this section, as they can provide valuable information for companies that request services based on mathematical techniques.


Technology-based firms derived from the groups



The origin of this spin-off is the research group Grupo Interdisciplinar de Estadística, Computación, Medicina y Biologia, GRID[ECMB] of the University of Santiago de Compostela.
The main activity of Biostatech is to provide services of Biostatistics and training and development of statistics in the field of Life Sciences, with a special interest in the development of research to the Health Sciences.
Biostatech provides an output and trade applied to the results obtained by statistical group theory, computational and research in applied statistics.

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Energesis is a Spin-Off company created in 2004 by researches belonging to the Interdisciplinary Modelling Group, InterTech pertaining to the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics of the Polytechnical University of Valencia. From its start, Energesis was a leading and pioneering company in the integration of shallow geothermal energy into buildings, developing many systems, and creating its own numerical models to simulate the heat exchange between the building and the subsurface. Furthermore, Energesis has extended and consolidated its activity in other areas within the Building Energy Efficiency market, including the numerical analysis of systems, monitoring and certification services, as well as the engineering and construction of Renewable Energy plants and other saving measures. In 2014, Energesis is in a process of extending its activities internationally, with the aim of transfering the know how and experience acquired in the Spanish market and its clear and permanent commitment towards Innovation and R&D.

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