Software Development

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math-in experience in the field of software development has made us aware of the importance of the various stages and the different profiles of people involved.

math-in translates your ideas thanks to the skills and experience of our researchers and develops software with skilled programmers with extensive experience. Our services are tailored to your specific needs in order to increase your company's competitiveness.

In the same way, we do not forget how important integration with other programmes is, if necessary, as well as usability and the highest simplicity to have user-friendly applications for your company's technicians.

math-in also provides the necessary training to company's technicians to use custom developed software packages, as well as a maintenance and update service.

Additionally, we give you advice on proprietary or open-source software packages that may help you solve your problem. If necessary, a team of specialists will help you use it in the most appropriate way to achieve your goals.

Examples of software development carried out by the math-in network

  • Development of a demonstration program on software called 'Editor, motor and process viewer'.
  • Development of computer-statistical programs to obtain county-level estimators statistics in several statistics of the scope of public goverments
  • Development of an application for optimization hedging portfolio and risk measurement coverage.
  • Validation of a three-dimensional simulation software of  wind fields and its application to the study of wind potential.
  • Design and development of an operational software tool for optimal annual management staff shifts.
  • Research development and computer programming related to the generation of emissions for electronic instant lottery.
  • Development of an automated management system for operational control of an airline.
  • Development of advanced software for vehicle route optimization.
  • Development of a system for calculating real-time guidance based on GPS's not engaged.
  • Development of computer code for MHD simulation of an aluminum casting.
  • Software package for three-dimensional numerical simulation of the behavior of a tank thermoelectric electrolysis of aluminum; obtaining the slope and isotherms and isopotential maps on the cathode of tank profile.
  • Software development for three-dimensional simulation of wind fields for the wind mapping,  wind potential assessment set points and to estimate the production of wind power in wind farms.
  • Platform for simulating geophysical flows throught web  using a standard browser. Making calculation modules, pre and postreatment and the web interface, with vector parallel programming in the computer cluster.
  • Software Development program TutorMates
  • Development MatesLab

List of software development carried out by the math-in network