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Applying the most advanced mathematical techniques math-in provides a comprehensive range of solutions based on their experience in existing projects, and provides R&D and innovation services tailored to suit the specific requirements of each company. The mathematical technology provided by math-in enables innovation in new products and processes or the significant improvement of those that already exist. It also allows a deeper understanding of company processes in order to improve them and make the most effective use of available resources.

Our service portfolio includes the following range of services: high-level scientific consultancy, specific and tailor-made training, collaboration in projects, software development, organization of technology meetings and computing servicesmath-in uses mathematical technology to provide individually tailored advice for the improvement of company processes.

math-in services are always carried out in close collaboration with the departments involved within each company. Complete confidentiality is ensured when contracting and implementing these services.

The solutions offered by math-in include, among others, the following:

1.- Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE)

The math-in network uses numerical simulation techniques to meet all the company's needs regarding the definition or calculation of the processes to be improved, the design of new products, information or advice on its possible application in companies, the selection, initial implementation and validation of tools tailored to specific needs, training of technicians, and customized development of software or interfaces between different programmes, etc.

2.- Statistical, data analysis or decision support techniques

These mathematical tools include different techniques to perform customer, market, product and risk analysis, to carry out quality checks, plan production, improve logistics, resource and process allocation and optimization, etc.

3.- Other mathematical techniques

We specialize in applying several mathematical techniques to areas such as geographical location; image or signal processing; geometry, design or visualization; bioinformatics or biomathematics; search and coding information or computing.

The range of solutions of the math-in network

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