Results of Eurostars-2 program

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In the latest round of project evaluation of the Eurostars-2 program, which supports SME-led international innovation projects that will be marketed rapidly, 102 projects have been selected from the 414 applications received (25% success rate). A total of 37 projects will create innovative products, services or processes in biotechnology, followed by industrial projects (22), ICT (22), energy (13) and environment (10), among the most important technological areas. The next cut date is 13/09/18.

The participating countries Eurostars-2 and the European Commission will invest an estimated total of 73.2 million euros in transnational innovation projects co-financed (public and private) in 25 different countries.

As a result of the evaluation, a total of 364 entities will participate, most of which are PYMES (74%), followed by universities and research institutes (20%) and large companies and other entities (6%).

The main technological areas, the best countries, the main projects:

A total of 37 selected projects will create innovative products, services or processes in biotechnology. This is the highest proportion for a technological area, followed by industrial projects (22), ICT (20), energy (13) and the environment (10).

The three main countries involved in the collaboration of Eurostars are Germany, with 31 participants, the Netherlands (27) and Switzerland (27).

The three best-ranked projects are E! 12076 Ra-Sure, bringing together a Dutch-German consortium that will develop a fully automated Raman spectroscopic device to help surgeons achieve the complete removal of the tumor in oral cavity surgery, E! 11932 PURIcat, the development of a long-term urinary catheter for the anti-infective application with sensor for Danish and Spanish partners, and E! 12128 BRICS, where the Swiss-German-British consortium will develop a new tunable light source to a large extent targeted at the gas analyzer market.

Since 2014, Eurostars-2 has supported a total of 791 projects worth around 1.4 billion euros.