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Mathematics in Industry Reports (MIIR) is a site hosting the reports produced from numerous study groups with Industry that take place around the world. MIIR provides fully searchable, free access to these reports.

MIIR is managed by a small international panel of moderators who are responsible for overseeing the content. The reports are not peer reviewed but they are subject to moderation by study group organisers, and also checked in advance of posting on MIIR by our Moderation Panel, according to the site policies.

MIIR was set up with initial sponsorship from the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, and is supported by an international network, who act as national champions and encourage local submissions to MIIR. MIIR succeeds the collection of reports hosted by the website Mathematics in Industry Information Service at www.miis.ox.ac.uk, which contains many past study group reports. 


It should be noted that Peregrina Quintela is the Advocate of the publication. In particular, we intend to publish all the proceedings of the European Study Groups with Industry. For example, the proceedings of the 163rd ESGI, which was held from July 12 to 16, 2021, coorganized by ITMATI and math-in.