Published the Spanish State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020

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The document is the main instrument of the General State Administration for the development and achievement of the objectives of the Spanish Strategy of Science and Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 and of the Europe 2020 Strategy, and includes state aid for the R&D&I.

The 2017-2020 State Plan is integrated by four state programs that correspond to the general objectives established in the Spanish Strategy of Science and Technology and Innovation 2013-2020: promotion of talent and its employability, generation of knowledge and strengthening of the system, leadership business in R&D&I and R&D&I oriented to the challenges of society.


  • Encourage the incorporation and training of human resources in R&D&I.
  • Strengthen scientific leadership and the capabilities of the R&D&I system.
  • Activate private investment in R&D&I and the technological capabilities of the productive fabric.
  • Promote the potential and impact of R&D&i in benefit of the challenges of society.
  • Promote an open and responsible R&D&I model supported by the participation of society.
  • Effectively coordinate R&D&i policies and financing at regional, state and European level.

The actions of the General State Administration in terms of R&D&I have a transversal nature that requires close coordination with sectoral strategies, defined by the different ministerial departments. The Strategic Plan in Health and the Strategic Action in Society and Digital Economy are part of the State Plan, to which the Connected Industry 4.0 Strategic Action is added as a novelty.

Main novelties

In the actions of human resources, the main novelties are the extension from two to three years in the aid "Juan de la Cierva Incorporation" for the incorporation of doctors in the public sector and the aids "Beatriz Galindo", aimed at hiring and incorporation of Spanish professors and doctors/researchers who have a international research trajectory recognized and are carrying out their activity abroad.

In the generation of knowledge and strengthening of the system program, Red Cervera grants are included, aimed at strategic groupings led by centers and technological institutes; a new type of aid aimed at the public research sector for the consolidation, updating and improvement of medium-sized scientific infrastructures; and the design of grants for the execution of R&D projects linked to international facilities and organizations that require financing and execution periods of more than three years.

Within the business leadership program, the Strategic Action in Connected Industry 4.0 is incorporated to promote and encourage the digital transformation of the Spanish industry; the non-reimbursable tranche of public aids (credits) destined to the financing of R&D&i projects led by companies is increased; grants are created to finance projects of proof of concept in disruptive technologies and innovations aimed at accelerating the innovation process, and a program of strategic sector initiatives for business innovation intensive in R&D&I in productive sectors is launched critical for the Spanish economy.

Finally, in the R&D&I program aimed at the challenges of society, the financing of R&D&i projects aimed at conducting concept tests with the aim of promoting targeted research and facilitating the translation of knowledge and technologies and their previous applications, allowing demonstrating the feasibility and potential interest of previously obtained research results.