National Infoday at CDTI about Social Challenge number 4: Intelligent, Ecological and Integrated Transport in Horizon 2020.

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On November 29, an informative seminar on the Intelligent, Ecological and Integrated Transport Challenge of Horizon 2020 took place at the CDTI. In addition to the opportunities that will appear in the new 2018-2020 work program,  the provisional results obtained by Spain in this area

were presented: 4th place in terms of return, with 200 million euros achieved.

Intelligent, ecological and integrated transport activities in Horizon 2020 will be organized around the following general areas:

A very relevant part of the funds allocated to Transportation in Horizon 2020 will be channeled through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), both in the form of institutional PPPs or JTI (Joint Technology Initiatives), and contractual PPPs (cPPP).


The informative seminar presentations organized by the CDTI can be downloaded from the following link.