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The math-in network is aimed at providing solutions and transferring mathematical technology to the productive sectors of society, especially to companies and public Administrations.

math-in provides multiple services: high-level scientific consultancy, specific and tailor-made training, collaboration in projects, software development, organization of IT based meetings and computing resources.

The math-in network is made up of more than 30 research groups and 400 internationally renowned researchers, with extensive experience in the development of solutions for the world of business both independently or in collaboration with companies or teams working in other areas of knowledge.

The math-in network's researchers are spread throughout Spain, which means they are close to the companies they provide solutions for — an aspect which is greatly appreciated. Moreover, the proximity of the math-in network to other international mathematical organizations allows them to provide mathematical technology featuring the latest advances and discoveries.

On this website you will find comprehensive information on the network's services and how to contact us.

General information on the math-in network