The OECD has published the report "Improving knowledge transfer and collaboration between science and business in Spain".

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The OECD has published the report "Improving Knowledge Transfer and Science-Business Collaboration in Spain".
Spain must take decisive steps to lay a solid foundation for effective collaboration between public research and business. According to the report, there is a unique opportunity to strengthen the science and innovation system through a concerted reform and investment agenda.
The study provides an in-depth assessment of the Spanish innovation system and the current state of knowledge transfer and collaboration. It identifies a number of priority areas for reform and investment. This requires granting greater operational autonomy to universities and public research centers. It also requires sustained investment in core capabilities to connect science and business.

The report analyzes the factors behind several imbalances in Spain's science and innovation system:

  • Public support for R&D and innovation has been very vulnerable.
  • Most companies in Spain do not see innovation as a strategic investment priority.
  • Incentives for public researchers and their institutions are aimed at competing with each other for the awarding of projects.
  • The governance of Spanish universities leaves little room for society to define and support their pursuit of social impact objectives.
  • Progressive emergence of research and technology centers, indicating the possibility of adopting more favorable regulatory frameworks.
  • The system of intermediaries and facilitators plays a fundamental role.

The report identifies priority areas for reform, as well as a series of recommendations:

  • Redesign the governance systems of universities and public R&D centers.
  • Rebalance and align individual and institutional incentive mechanisms.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the operation of various knowledge intermediation agents.
  • Promote and maintain entrepreneurial capabilities to innovate.
  • Establish solid science and innovation policy foundations that make knowledge transfer and collaboration possible and effective.

The OECD report is available at: