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How to become a member of math-in
math-in has three types of associate members:
  • Type 1: Research groups in the field of mathematics.
  • Type 2: Legal entities representing research groups in the field of mathematics.
  • Type 3: Companies and institutions.
To be a member of math-in, the groups and / or interested organizations can send an email with the corresponding fulfilled form to
For Type 1 members an agreement between the university or research centre to which the group belongs and math-in will be signed to regulate the terms under which the collaboration is established. For Type 2 and 3 members the agreement will be signed between the new partner and math-in. In all cases partners are committed to pay an annual fee (500 € / entity). Type 1 partners also have the right to speak and vote in the General Assemblies and to be members of the Government body of math-in. 
Benefits of becoming a member
  • Access to regular information, provided exclusively to math-in members, about calls, funding and R + D events in the field of mathematics applied to industry.
  • Active participation in transfer activities promoted by math-in such as Study Groups, Modelling Weeks, workshops, etc.
  • Research group members can participate in the technological demands made by companies, which can eventually lead to R & D projects or contracts.
  • Access to the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation -EU-MATHS-IN-. This service allows the members to easily search academic or business partners in 16 countries of the European Union.
  • Direct access, through only one interlocutor, to the entire technology portfolio with more than 40 research groups in Applied Mathematics to Industry nationwide.
  • Rapid response to the technological needs of enterprises by facilitating access to research and technology offers adapted to the specific demand raised. The existence of signed Collaboration Agreements with Universities / Centres to which our groups belong will speed up the contract signing process. Whenever is required by the company, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed in order to ensure the confidentiality.
  • Boosting project ideas proposed by companies at events such as conferences or workshops aimed at promoting projects and consortiums.
  • Support in candidates selection process through the diffusion of vacancies among members of the Network as well as through the job portal of the EU-IN MATHS-European network.
  • Other corporate benefits: Type 1 Partners also have the right to speak and vote in the General Assemblies and be members of the Government Body of math-in.