Ingenio Mathematica Technology Service Portfolio. Transmath. 2011

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This is the fourth edition of the technology portfolio based on mathematical techniques. The document shows a series of maps that examine both existing and possible interactions and links of mathematical research with technology transfer to business and industrial sectors. The map pays special attention to identify gaps in emerging areas, to promote topics or to discover latent scientific and technological opportunities.

Table of contents

1 Introduction

2 Analysis
  2.1 Surveys
  2.2 Presentation of the groups
  2.3 Mathematical techniques
  2.4 Experiences in developing and using software
  2.5 Key words of the consulting services
  2.6 Experience by sectors
  2.7 Experience vs. services by sectors
  2.8 Experience in R&D transfer: Contracts
  2.9 Experience in R&D transfer: Training courses
  2.10 Customers

3 Conclusions

Document: Ingenio Mathematica Technology Service Portfolio