i-MATH Map of Company Demand for Mathematical Technology. Transmath. 2009

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This document details a Spanish prospectus on the level of knowledge, use and demand for mathematical technology by commercial companies. It is aimed at detecting problems in the corporate field for which Mathematicians could provide the complementary or fundamental tools, determine the demand for mathematical training, and define where necessary new lines of research in Mathematics aimed at solving these problems.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives and Methodology
  3. Main Results
  4. Characterization of Companies
  5. CAD/CAE Techniques
  6. Statistics and Operations Research (ST/OR)
  7. Other Mathematical Techniques (OTM)
  8. CAD/CAE, ST/OR and OTM
  9. Level of Knowledge, Human Resources and Needs
  10. Collaboration and Outsourcing with Universities or Research Centers (RC)
  11. Conclusions

i-MATH Map of Company Demand for Mathematical Technology