Excellence Network [RT math-in] 2018-2021

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The Mathematics-Industry Thematic Network (RTmath-in) is an initiative of 16 Spanish Universities and Research Centers, with wide geographical, thematic and gender representation.
RTmath-in is funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the State Research Agency (REF: RED2018-102514-T).
The main objective of RTmath-in is to enhance the internationalization of R&D&I in Mathematics, promote actions to strengthen technology transfer between academia and industry from a European scale, facilitate synergies of mathematical methods and techniques developed by researchers in their respective entities to address challenges of greater depth, and share advances in each of the sectors that in a transversal way can be applicable to others.
Its actions are aimed at promoting the internationalization of Spanish research, mainly through EU-MATHS-IN, encouraging the participation and organization of technology transfer forums, as well as promoting R&D&I activities to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of competitive projects, and to address the challenges of Spanish research.
The RTmath-in Thematic Network will promote the internationalization of Spanish research through various actions, which are:
  • intensify collaborations linked to technological development and innovation at the European level,
  • attending international meetings and forums for the elaboration of internationally competitive project proposals,
  • to participate in transfer events to promote the transfer of knowledge to companies,
  • to have a channel for the dissemination of job offers,
  • organize and participate in Transnational Thematic Workshops in MSO,
  • organize Industry Days,
  • collect Case Studies and Success Stories.
The actions to promote R&D&I activities and contribute to the advancement of knowledge are:
  • determine areas of demand in MSO and Big Data to renew research lines of the groups involved in RTmath-in to be more oriented to industrial and current societal challenges,
  • train collaboration to solve industrial challenges,
  • encourage the development of collaborative projects and R&D&I contracts with companies,
  • encourage the proposal from the company of Master's Thesis and Industrial Thesis,
  • professionalize the RTmath-in transfer office,
  • update and modernize the math-in WEB,
  • update the math-in Consulting Map.
In order to face the challenges of Spanish research in Industrial Mathematics, both nationally and internationally, RTmath-in will carry out the following actions:
  • technology watch and
  • support in the drafting of proposals for R+D+i collaboration and in the search for funding.
The scientific/technological impact derived from the proposed initiatives will promote the transfer of mathematical technology to industry, will favor participation in strategic collaborative projects with industry, will promote the valorization of the results of the groups through their commercial exploitation and will increase the potential use of mathematical tools in each thematic group thanks to the pooling of the different lines of research involved.
RTmath-in Thematic Network Structure
In order to consolidate the Spanish position in the international context, the researchers that integrate this thematic network RTmath-in have been grouped in 5 thematic research groups, according to the industrial sectors in which the RTmath-in actions are intended to be focused, and in a transversal group to all of them, which will be the Internationalization group. These research groups are: