Call open to companies: 139 Study Group with Industry

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From the Spanish Network of Mathematics-Industry (math-in) and the Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics Consortium (ITMATI) we coorganize the 139 ESGI (European Study Group with Industry) to be held in Santiago de Compostela from July 9 to 13, 2018 This type of event constitutes a forum in which industrial technologists and mathematical researchers work together on problems of interest to industry, and that is why we encourage you to inform those companies that are interested in finding the solution to any of the difficulties that arise.

The objective is to offer companies the opportunity to raise industrial problems susceptible to be treated with mathematical technology in the fields of Numerical Simulation, Statistics and Big Data and Optimization. The participating researchers will be able to contribute new ideas and approaches to the problems raised, helping to achieve practical solutions aimed at, among others, reducing costs and production times, innovating in processes or improving services.

Benefits for companies:

  • The companies will receive a written report on the conclusions reached for their problem during the ESGI.
  • Direct interaction with researchers during the event.
  • Participation of international researchers belonging to entities of recognized prestige.


Structure: The event is structured in 5 days according to the following distribution:

  • Day 1: Approach of the problem to be addressed and distribution of the participants in Working Groups.
  • Days 2, 3, 4: Work of the assigned group of specialists on the proposed problem.
  • Day 4: Elaboration of the Conclusions.
  • Day 5: Presentation of Conclusions and preparation of a final document.

Companies will only need to be present the first day to present the problem and the last day to attend the presentation of results.

Attached link of the last ESGI held in 2016 in Santiago de Compostela, so they can visualize its structure and content, as well as the problems raised by the companies that participated in that edition:


Participation: For registration you need to fill in the Problem Proposal Form and send it to before May 15, 2018. The number of problems under study during the event is limited, therefore they will be accepted by rigorous order of reception, once obtained the approval of the Scientific Committee.


In the following links you can download the documentation:

Call 139 ESGI European Study Group with Industry

Problem Proposal Form


The Study Group is an ideal space in which brain-storming sessions involving international mathematical researchers can be held, with a wide range of specialized knowledge, capable of bringing new approaches to real business problems. Therefore, we would like to invite you to raise a problem that can be addressed from the field of Industrial Mathematics, either from Simulation, Statistics and Big Data or Optimization. From math-in we are at your disposal to clarify any doubt about it.