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The services provided by math-in in the consulting field allow us to tackle projects where a high customization of the solution is needed, and where it is also necessary to meet the company’s specific needs. Since we are highly specialized research groups, math-in also accepts projects that require the development of new mathematical technology.

The targets and milestones of each contract are jointly defined between the company and the researchers in order to meet the particular needs. Therefore, a close relationship with the company is maintained, both during the explanation of the problem and the development of the solution.

The team assigned to the project is selected from the almost 30 groups of the math-in network with expertise in advising companies. Selection is essentially based on the nature of the problem, the mathematical technology to be used and experience in dealing with similar problems. Over 300 researchers belonging to the math-in network allow a high level of specialization to successfully tackle a wide range of problems from almost all industrial sectors.

During the implementation of the consulting project a serious project management is carried out in order to meet the specifications, the schedule and the agreed deadlines. The network also provides an independent quality control of the project implementation to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The more than 400 consulting projects undertaken in a wide variety of sectors and the more than 150 clients who have already carried out consulting activities with us are a guarantee for the companies that decide to trust math-in.

Examples of consulting projects we have undertaken

  • Mathematical modelling and computer-assisted simulation of electrodes, castings and purification processes in the Silicon industry.
  • Statistical treatment af the study of research: "Risk factors associated with muscular-skeletal deterioration of the upper body and the spinal column".
  • Valuation and generation of portfolio flows.
  • Development of software tools for the design of vehicle routes. 
  • Simulation of combustion in carbon or fuel boilers.
  • Digital processing, restoration and analysis of medical images. Detection of false positives.