Collaborative projects

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Collaboration on R&D&i projects is essential to create a sound and competitive business network. These collaborative projects stimulate activities aimed at developing new technologies of interest for companies or at significantly improve the existing ones, always focused on innovation in the near future. The math-in  network also provides individual advice on your company's processes likely to improve by using mathematical technology.

math-in has collaborated on more than 50 collaborative experiences with companies and has successfully participated in a large number of calls, both Spanish (CENIT [Centre for Innovation in Transport], CDTI [Centre for Industrial Technological Development], PROFIT [Programme to Promote Technical Research], PETRI [Programme to Promote the Transfer of Research Results]...) and international. More than 150 clients who have already carried out collaborative project with us back us up.

math-in portfolio in collaborative projects includes a wide range of innovation-oriented research activities developed in collaboration with a group of companies and bodies on equal terms. The math-in network might participate either just as a partner or collaborate to carry out the project.

These collaborative projects may usually compete with other within an aid scheme or stimulus. It is therefore essential to design a strong project concerning the participating partners and the activities to be developed. math-in helps you with the design to increase your chance of success, and what is more important, the technological benefits of your company.

Find a call

math-in guides you through searching for public and private calls for proposals and stimulus which best meet the needs of each project and client.

Writing of the project

On the basis of a close communication with the company and the resources and expertise of the research groups, math-in helps you with the design and development of the competitive project.

Collaborative participation

The math-in network itself provides a research group that participates as a cooperation partner together with the company.

Search for other partners in international projects

Thanks to its network of contacts math-in provides the opportunity to select partners in other countries which might be appropriate to take part in international projects.

Experiences of collaborative projects

  • Colaboracion en el diseño y elaboración del proyecto: Comparative analysis of some modal reconstruction methods of the shape of the cornea from the corneal elevation data.
  • Selección de socios internacionales en el proyecto: A new efficient method of corneal reconstruction as an alternative to zernike polynomials fit.
  • Búsqueda de convocatoria para el proyecto: Nuevas Tecnologías Aplicadas a la Investigación en el Alto Rendimiento Deportivo. TADAR 2007.
  • Participacion como socio en el proyecto: Inferencia no Paramétrica con aplicaciones en la genética.
  • Colaboracion en la redacción del proyecto: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Forest Fire Propagation.