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In order to achieve the specific objectives indicated above, seven actions have been identified that will mark the operation of the PET MSO-ED.


Action 1. General strategy

This first action is of great importance to establish the general strategies of the global operation, the initiatives, plans and activities to be carried out according to the detection of the necessary MSO technologies, and the communication channels among the partners.

Action 2. Outreach

The main elements of the platform's image to position it abroad, both nationally and internationally. As well as the capabilities of its members and previous success stories that guarantee the experience of the entities in the use of MSO-ED technologies.

Action 3. Academy-Industry Connection

This action aims to promote the detection and attraction of new entities interested in incorporating MSO-ED technologies to their field of work in order to improve and optimize it, adapting to the new Digital Industry 5.0.

Action 4. Analysis and diagnosis of the feasibility of applying MSO-ED technologies.

The PET MSO-ED platform will have a tutored protocol that will allow assessing the suitability of MSO-ED technologies to support, improve or solve the requested service. This service will be managed by an Open Innovation Services Desk, made up of technology translators. The support offered by this counter will focus on pre-diagnosis and diagnosis.

Action 5. Academy-Industry Collaboration.

Collaboration demands between entities will be channeled to address their implementation depending on the nature of the problem, its complexity, the degree of confidentiality required, or the urgency of the requesting entity to solve it.

Action 6. Advanced Academy-Industry Collaboration

The aim is to address collaborations on problems of a certain scale, which require more intensive dedication, or strict confidentiality. Among the options to be promoted are transfer contracts, the submission of proposals for national competitive projects, and proposals for international competitive projects.

Action 7. Internationalization

In order to favor the internationalization of innovation, both for companies and knowledge centers, all dissemination documentation will be bilingual, Spanish and English; monitoring and participation in the European Commission's R&D+i policy will be carried out and events promoted by the same will be attended to promote participation in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe program calls for proposals. The existing collaboration with international entities will be consolidated and new collaborations will be promoted, especially with European technology platforms.