30 BIEMH, International Biennial of Machine Tools

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From May 28 to June 1, the 30th edition of BIEMH is celebrated in Bilbao, characterized by the success of previous editions, in the midst of a process of transformation full of optimism.

BIEMH 2018 is committed to offering the most advanced technological solutions and the active participation of both exhibitors and visitors, with the aim of helping companies achieve the best position in an increasingly competitive market.

The well-known fourth industrial revolution offers companies the optimization of their resources, the reduction of consumption, flexibility and personalized production and the improvement of the quality of their results to face a demanding market that seeks the most advanced technology and innovation. In this sense, this thirtieth edition of the fair comes to consolidate the processes of Industry 4.0 in the machine tool sector.

BIEMH 2018 will present the solutions and new technologies that are revolutionizing the productive processes

A total of 1,510 exhibiting firms from 21 countries have already responded to the invitation of the contest, "Be IN, BIEMH", where they will deploy their full force in INnovation, productive INtelligence, system INtegration and INternationalization throughout the six pavilions of Bilbao Exhibition Center. Three months after its celebration, the growth of 15% over the final occupation figure obtained in its previous edition anticipates a fair with more product, more machinery and a broad sample of advanced manufacturing solutions in direct.

28/05/2018 - 01/06/2018