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Mathematical technology is a comprehensive and very powerful tool that allows the math-in network to create a portfolio addressed to all sectors of economic activity. This portfolio includes high-level scientific consultancy services, collaboration in R&D&i projects or contracts of interest for companies, teaching tailored training courses and development of on-demand software.

The solutions offered by math-in can be summed up in three major areas:

1.- Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE). These solutions use the results obtained in computer aided design to simulate, predict and study the performance of products or processes. Computer aided engineering is applied to all types of phenomena: mechanical or structural, thermal or thermodynamic, manufacturing processes, electronic, electromagnetic, fluid, acoustic, environmental, multiphysics, etc.

2.- Statistical, data analysis or decision support techniques. math-in applies several mathematical techniques to perform customer, market and product analysis, to check quality, to plan production, to prevent risks, to optimize logistics, to allocate and optimize resources and processes, etc. Business needs are met in several areas such as quality control, control and optimization of stocks and production processes, risk or financial product analysis, etc.

3.- Other mathematical techniques. math-in applies different mathematical techniques that provide solutions for topics as diverse as digital image processing (video, animation, image recognition), geometric analysis, geographical location, cryptography and security, computing, language processors, search for information, bioinformatics, genomics, biomathematics, etc.

(For more information, see the section on Mathematical solutions)

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