Posters session

We invite you to present a poster  on successful collaboration examples between  research groups in mathematics and companies from the industrial sectors involved in the workshop (but not limited to):
  • Energy and Environment
  • Biomedicine, Pharmacy and Health Care.
  • Economy and Finance
  • Information and Communication Technology and Logistics.
  • Materials, Aeronautics and Automotive.
Scheduled Time for the Posters Session
October, 27th. From 17:00-18:00h.
Instructions for poster presenters
  • Poster proposals are subject to the approval of the Scientific Committee.
  • Please complete the registration form including the title  and  abstract of your proposal before October, 15th.
  • The maximum size of posters is  A0 in portrait.
  • Presenters are advised to bring their poster printed on a single sheet.
  • Poster communications can be accompanied by a short 5 min. presentation in the conference room.