Excellence Network [RT math-in] 2016-2019

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The Mathematics-Industry Thematic Network (RTmath-in) is an initiative of 79 researchers from 16 Spanish Universities and Research Centers, with a wide geographical, thematic and gender representation. The main objective of RTmath-in is to promote actions to strengthen technology transfer between university and industry essentially from a European scale, facilitating the coordination in a common framework of mathematical methods and techniques as tools for innovation. Its actions are aimed at internationalization, mainly through EU-MATHS-IN, to promote the participation and organization of technology transfer forums and to promote projects and the constitution of consortia oriented to both national (CDTI, MINECO, ...) and international (H2020 Program) calls.
The scientific/technological impact derived from the proposed initiatives will promote the transfer of mathematical technology to industry, will favor participation in strategic collaborative projects with industry, will promote the valorization of the results of the groups through their commercial exploitation and will increase the potential use of mathematical tools in each thematic group thanks to the pooling of the different lines of research involved.
The RTmath-in thematic network will allow to boost the R&D&I activities of the research groups in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge through several actions, which are:
  • Promote and facilitate strategic relationships between researchers in the field of Mathematics (there have been 9 meetings held with EU-MATHS-IN and nodes of other European networks).
  • Facilitate the attendance of project members to technology transfer conferences in order to meet the needs of companies and promote collaborative projects (they have attended 6 transfer events through which they have held meetings with 20 companies. In addition, contact has been established with 46 other entities).
  • Promote collaborative projects through a program of personalized visits (14 companies have been visited). As a result of this program, 5 technological needs have been identified.
  • Organization of various transfer activities (3 Study Groups and 1 Modelling Week).
  • Support in the participation of researchers in national and international forums to give visibility to successful cases of RTmath-in in events such as the Congress of the Royal Society of Applied Mathematics (RSME 2015), the XXIV Congress of Differential Equations and Applications / XIV Congress of Applied Mathematics (CEDYA 2015), and international events such as the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2015) or the 19th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry (ECMI 2016).


To face the challenges of Spanish research in Industrial Mathematics, both nationally and internationally, RTmath-in will organize and/or participate in different national and international events such as:

  • 139, 147 and 150 European Study Group with Industry.
  • Organization of several industrial symposia and an Industry Day in the framework of the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2019) to be held for the first time in Spain in July 2019.
  • ECMI 2019 Modelling Week / IV Iberian Modelling Week.
  • I Conference on transfer between Mathematics and Industry (CTMI 2019), satellite event of ICIAM 2019.
  • Conference "Mathematics, strategic vector of economic progress". Presentation of the study of the economic impact of mathematics in various Autonomous Communities of Spain.
Structure of the RTmath-in Thematic Network.
In order to consolidate the Spanish position in the international context, the researchers that integrate this thematic network RTmath-in have been grouped in 5 thematic research groups, according to the industrial sectors in which the actions of RTmath-in are intended to be focused, and in a transversal group to all of them, which will be the Internationalization group. These research groups are: